I’m an equity analyst with an Internet focus, currently (as of October 2014) blogging in between gigs. I most recently worked at a large hedge-fund-turned-family-office headquartered in Stamford, Ct., where I analyzed Internet stocks, media companies, and the consumer sector generally. Before that I worked at a large Internet portal headquartered in Sunnyvale, where my job was to get them as much search traffic as possible. Many more details are available on LinkedIn.

Right now, I’m doing consulting, primarily on what people like to call “Growth Hacking.” Since I don’t really have overhead, I can afford to be picky about clients. My ideal clients have:

  • A demonstrable competitive advantage. (Every online marketing channel has evolved to the point that being good at that channel enhances your existing economics, but doesn’t overcome them.)
  • Meaningful metrics. Ideally, some kind of success criteria that make ostensibly tough tradeoffs easier to justify.
  • The ability and willingness to implement. Agency economics work when you charge for strategy by marking up implementation; my economics work when I charge for strategy by charging for strategy.

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