I’m Joining Yahoo!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m joining Yahoo as SEO Lead.

At Digital DD, we puzzled through the strategies behind some of the biggest SEO companies out there. But Yahoo is an order of magnitude bigger. They have over a hundred million monthly uniques; if I improve things by 1%, I’ve affected the lives of a million people. It’s hard to get that elsewhere.

And I’ve been impressed by the team Yahoo has (and keeps building!) in order to take on the news business.

So what happens to Digital DD? In the short term, not much:

  • Doug will continue working on actual due diligence projects as they come in. We’ll both be wrapping up consulting projects.
  • I will keep writing the newsletter, but I’ll switch back to a weekly format. (Plus maybe something extra if there’s a big story worth writing about.)
  • I’ll add some disclosure, and there are some topics that will be off limits.
  • will take a one-week break from the newsletter during my first week at Yahoo. I’m starting today, the 6th, and will resume the newsletter on Monday the 12th.

In August, I wrote about 33,000 words for the newsletter. That’s not sustainable. But it’s also a good sign that I like writing about this stuff. (And our reader feedback indicates that you’re enjoying it too—send your feedback!)

I’m pleased—amazed is a better word—with what we’ve accomplished at Digital Due Diligence. In four months of work, we’ve built up a franchise, made friends, made enemies, and worked on some great projects with amazing clients. I, personally, have learned a whole lot from the process. Nearly everyone I’d want to thank is already a subscriber to this newsletter, so a quick and general thanks is in order.

And rest assured, I intend to keep the Digital Due Diligence newsletter as peppy and pugnacious as ever, even on a tighter schedule. So please continue to email me your tips, critiques, and suggestions. If I had to sum up Digital Due Diligence (the newsletter, the service, and the company), I’d say: We like to figure things out. And that’s never going to stop.

Please email me at byrne@byrnehobart.com with any questions.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oops…. here is the egg on my face part. I just launched my post around an hour ago, with the link back to the due diligence site… not realizing that it is a shadow of its former self (not you, just that gig!) I did realize you were at Yahoo! but typing and tapping can sometimes get away from you…. I’m going to quickly switch the link to elsewhere, since that would be more useful to ya… unless I hear otherwise, how about your LInkedIn profile… ?

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